2000px-BYU_Medallion_Logo.svgGraduate Coursework (as of April 2015)

  • LING 601:  Foundations: Sounds

 Principles of phonetics and phonology emphasizing analytical procedures and applications to real world language problems.

  • LING 602:  Foundations: Structure

Principles of morphology and syntax emphasizing analytical procedures and applications to real world language problems.

  • LING 610:  Methods & Materials Overview

Foundation course surveying concepts, procedures, and techniques in second/foreign language teaching methodology and materials selection.  Includes observing ESL classes in various contexts.

  • LING 611:  Methods & Materials Application

Practical application of language teaching methods and materials, including materials development and selection and technology for use in a mentored teaching practicum.

  • LING 612:  TESOL Practicum

Sustained and supervised practice teaching at the English Language Center.

  • LING 670:  TESOL Reading, Writing, & Vocabulary

Processes involved in reading, writing, and vocabulary acquisition, emphasizing how these skills are developed in a second/foreign language.

images (1)Undergraduate Coursework (May 2014)

  • EDU 357:  Classroom Management

A study of research based practices for effectively managing an elementary or secondary classroom.

  • ESL 315:  Cross Cultural Communications

This course examines diversity in the sociopolitical, cultural, and linguistic contexts of teaching and learning

  • ESL 325:  Applied Linguistics

This course is designed to provide the student with means for examining language and culture and to extend this inquiry to education settings.

  • ESL 415:  ESOL Curriculum and Materials Development

The purpose of this course is to study curricula taught to Limited English Proficient (LEP) students and the types of instructional material that may be developed to assist LEP students in achieving success in public school classrooms. 30-hour practicum required.

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