Below are some excerpts of video from lessons observed in the two different classes I student taught.  Click on the underlined links to view the video.  

Academic A Writing

Review and Overview

  • Length:  1:00 

This video is the review and overview portion of my lesson on paraphrasing that I taught to the beginning academic writing class at the English Language Center at Brigham Young University.  We reviewed what we did last class, and I introduced the lesson of the day on paraphrasing.

CORE Level C

 CORE C Lesson — Role Play

  • Length:  5:06

This video is part of a lesson I co-taught on going to the doctor in the mid-beginning adult community class.  The portion of this lesson I taught included a role-play.  This video is three different excerpts from my lesson combined — an excerpt on modeling the role play, an excerpt on reviewing and teaching relevant vocabulary, and an excerpt of monitoring as students participated in the role-play.



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